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"Vulnerable courageous connection is the new norm".

This means that we're in this for more than games; we want to learn and practice and apply these skills in our relationships! We strive ...

  • to open hearts and minds to new possibilities

  • to love ourselves fully and ask for what we want

  • to care for each other's nervous systems

  • to take risks in relationships, then return to connection

  • to teach ourselves first and then share with others

Orion Cy
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Lana Koy
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"Cy is a very warm soul and that emanates when you are with him. Cy joined our group on a trek to Chandrashila in Uttarakhand, India and he brought a vast amount of knowledge which opened my perspective on life. I will not forget what Cy taught me and I hope our paths cross in the future."  - Ankit Sing Panwar - Mountain Escape 

"I attended an authentic relating event in Boulder with Cy in February. Cy's presence is warm, inviting, dynamic, and vast. It feels like a fluid ocean of unconditional love that meets and welcomes whatever is there. His presence is a mirror in which one can access the most exquisite reflection of Self. I am deeply grateful to Cy for his presence, and for the inner journey that brought him

here."  - Molly Kate Brown, author of Learning to Walk in India: A Love Story


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