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Authentic Relating

Vulnerable connection is the new norm. Self-awareness is the new sexy.

411 conversations just don't do it for me anymore. "Where are you from?" reveals a bit about your geography that is really only necessary if I am planning a trip to your hometown. I am interested in journeys of another kind ...

“What makes your heart race? What brings you joy? What are you struggling with? Where has the confusion set in? What are you becoming aware of these days? ", I ask.

I want to know if we are expanding or contracting together. I want to know how similar not how different we are. And I want to waste no time finding that out. So, if I stare deeply into your eyes before I even say hello, bare with me. I am not inspecting you, I am gauging my system to see how much of you I am open to receive.

I wish to be fully received ... was my New Year's intention.

To do that I need to be open to flow from the heart and be authentic from moment to moment. I fail beautifully time and time again. LOL. And I am noticing a ferocious dedication to continuing to practice day in and day out. Events like our Connection Practices give me a much needed playground where I can in the safety of the container explore my contractions and find ways to relax into my own being so that I am more available to connect with others. Pure magic happens in that WE space! Creativity, healing, learning, unfolding, growth.

I am infinitely grateful to my partner Cy Orion Plouviez for bringing this beautiful practice into my life and for the daily inspiration of conscious communication.

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